Extract, Transform and Load with SQL Server Integration Services

With Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2

Written by Thomas Snyder and Vedish Shah

Available on Amazon or directly from the publisher at MC Press.
Written for a wide variety of information technology professionals who need to perform common database operations in an assortment of database flavors. Microsoft SQL Server Integrated Services (SSIS) supports database operations on any database that supports ODBC, in this book we cover the following databases: Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL
It is common to have different IT teams within an organization that have different databases that need to share data. Alot of these requirements are supported with custom code that is rewritten several different ways to accomplish the same task that requires development time and testing. SSIS helps to alleviate that by providing reusable components that are easily utilized with click and drag development.
This resource shows how to use SSIS to easily support daily processes in a repeatable way with minimal develop time to support such operations as Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) in various formats (XML, Excel, CSV, Tab Delimited Text), web service communications and FTP. To support the SSIS packages we also cover exception handling, logging and deployment methods.
Book illustrations by Traci Phillips Healey

Sample SSIS Code

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Practice your SSIS skills using various examples contained within the book. The code contains the DDL to setup your database along with the SSIS code that uses the database for typical database operations.

Supplemental Information

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