Advanced Integrated RPG

Written by Thomas Snyder

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Written for experienced RPG programmers who want to take advantage of the latest technologies—such as Excel spreadsheets, Adobe files, and e-mail—from within their existing applications without buying costly software, this manual illustrates how to integrate RPG and Java in easy-to-understand code and with cost-effective options.
Currently, there exists a very distinct line of expertise among IBM i programmers and Windows and Internet programmers, and this reference breaks through those obstacles to show common development tools for sharing information and building more compatible interfaces.
Filling a very crucial gap, this resource shows programmers how to automatically e-mail reports using RPG and JavaMail and how to migrate existing green-bar reports to Excel spreadsheets and/or PDF. An essential reference, this guide covers hard-to-find yet crucial information and introduces RPG programmers to modern environments.

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In Summary

This book does not use pre-built applications to convert spool file to Excel or PDF. It shows you how to create Excel Spreadsheets and PDF directly from within the RPG code, which you could use to complement or replace the use of spool files from within your existing RPG code. You could also distribute your electronic documents by creating and sending the email, with the attachments directly from your RPG programs.